Mountain Bound by S.C. Principale

Mountain Bound by S.C. Principale

Onyx has every reason to hate humans who invade his land. They kill for sport and leave pollution and destruction wherever they go.

But the woman who comes to the abandoned cabin by the lake is different. She moves reverently through nature, blending in— although she certainly stands out to him. Could it be that for the first time, Onyx sees a human that is not a monster?

Dr. Kyra Ludwig will do anything to preserve an endangered species of birds. Living among them in a remote mountain cabin is a small price to pay if she can figure out why a vulnerable species is suddenly thriving. When she discovers the secret, it’s not one she can share with the scientific community. Onyx, a yeti-like creature, is protecting the mountain and all of its creatures. Although he initially terrifies her, it’s not long before she can see how much they have in common and how beautiful he is.

Can the two nature lovers become actual lovers, even though they’ve been conditioned to think of one another as monsters?

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