Moth Wanted by Loki Renard

Moth Wanted by Loki Renard

I hunted him down.
Now I’m on his moth wanted list.

As a female detective for the NYPD, I thought I’d seen everything.
But when a string of murders goes unsolved, I’m led into some very dark places.
Every witness tells me the same thing.
The killer is a creature with red eyes and massive wings.
A moth man.
A cryptid.
Obviously not real.

I don’t believe in urban legends, but I’m used to hunting evil.
It’s up to me to follow the leads, and go where the evidence takes me.
What I find is a monster.
A dark harbinger of doom.
Devastatingly real.

But there are even more surprises in store.
I never expected him to be so. Darn. Hot.
I never expected to become his prey.
Now the hunter has become the hunted.
And escaping this winged nightmare without surrendering to his dark charms might be the last thing I never do.

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