Moonlight Desires by Scarlytt Letters

Moonlight Desires by Scarlytt Letters

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Kelan, born into Lycan royalty and with power that could overthrow nations, had yet to meet someone who fully aroused his inner beast. A shifter driven by an intense thirst… for tomato juice, Kelan finds what he’s really been searching for when he least expects it.

He looked deep into her eyes and felt a primal hunger awaken within, knowing he was stalking his perfect prey.

She just hadn’t realized it yet.

Welcome to book 1 in my steamy mythical monster series! Here you’ll find all the romance and heat you can handle contained in one novelette.

This series is intended for adults 18+ who enjoy strong language, spicy scenes, M/F relationships, no cheating and either a HEA or HFN ending. Please leave a review if you enjoyed this story!

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