Monstrous Cravings by Ember Nicole

Three monsters saved me. They made me their captive. Now they’re determined to keep me.

An attack by a mugger should have left me dead in a New York alley. But then they stepped in and saved me…

Three eight-foot-tall monsters with long black horns, wicked sharp claws, and barbed tails. One of them ate him. My mugger, that is. But that isn’t all they did. They took me to their world, stuck me in a cage, and they’re showing no indication they intend to let me go. Ever.

Now I’m their captive with no idea why they’d abduct me. The longer I stay, the more my questions multiply. Not only about what these monsters want, but why they’re turning out be sweeter than any man on Earth. In the midst of all this confusing behavior, I’d also like to know why I’m having spicy dreams about them hot enough to make me blush.

Escape isn’t going to be easy. And even if it was possible, why does it feel like a bond is forming between my captors and me? Shame not all the monsters in this world like the idea of me sticking around. Or even about me breathing.

Can my monsters save me again?

MONSTROUS CRAVINGS is a slow/medium-burn standalone monster romance where our heroine doesn’t have to choose between her three monster mates. For readers 18+.

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