Monster’s Spell by Ariel Dawn

Monster’s Spell by Ariel Dawn

The magic of love is in the air…

When I arrived at Blackthorn Academy, I was hoping to find answers. Like how to control my chaotic magic, or where I came from. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find Bane Locke—a hot incubus who makes my virginal panties melt and my heart swoon.

The fact that I’ve revived a legendary forest, I keep getting visions of castles, and all I can think about is Bane and I all tangled up together, has only given me more questions and fewer answers.

Is the bond I feel between us just a product of Bane’s lustful magic, or is it something more? Something legendary?

The last thing I need is another companion to warm my bed after what happened last year, but the moment I run into Violet McCreanor—Blackthorn’s newest little ingénue—I know I’m doomed. Not just because she smells like heaven, or because I can’t stop thinking about her, but because the bond I feel with her is more than magic, more than lust.

She is my Anam Cara, my soul’s mate.

But with my cursed history, can I overcome my demons with the possibility of finding what I desire most? A mate? Or will history repeat itself and destroy the last bit of hope I have?

Monster’s Spell is book three in the Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals shared world, featuring a curious, curvy witch, a bad boy incubus, and swoon-worthy romance.

Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals Series:

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