Monster Flicker by Teresa Hann

Monster Flicker by Teresa Hann

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When the lights flicker, the monsters come out to play…

Ten years ago, I ran away from the cult that raised me…but I left a piece of my soul behind.

Since then, I’ve lived life on the down-low, just another cash-only sword for hire in the city. But the cultists have found my trail at last, and now they’re on the hunt.

Their best weapon against me?

Their chained monster, who still remembers the taste of my blood.

Ten years ago, he put me in his debt. Now, he’s come to collect.

But even though he’s all monster on the outside, he’s proving less monstrous on the inside than I expected. And I’m forced to confront feelings that I never thought I’d experience again…

MONSTER FLICKER is a steamy action-packed standalone M/F monster romance that’s made for this spooky season! If you like your heroines kick-ass and your monsters extra freaky, one-click now for a wild ride!

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