Mated to the Alien Prince by Lara Roth

Mated to the Alien Prince by Lara Roth

Betrayed. Desired. Hunted. Love wasn’t part of the diplomatic agenda.

As a human diplomat, my life orbited around forging alliances and attending glittering galactic events—until he appeared. A silver-skinned alien with a physique carved from cosmic legends, setting my pulse racing like a supernova.

Thrown together in a whirlwind of danger, our connection ignites amidst the stars, a fiery intensity I can’t deny. But his secret casts a shadow over our passion. With each revelation, I’m deeper in a maze of alien intrigue, my life hanging by a thread. And Prince Loic, once a mysterious stranger, now holds the key to my heart and my survival.

Betrayal cuts deeper than a plasma blade, and as the stability of the galaxy shakes, so does the bond between us. Defying his father’s ruthless will, my Prince must choose: the throne of Etherea or the woman who’s captured his heart. Can our fledgling love withstand the dark conspiracies that threaten to tear the Orion Galaxy—and us—apart?

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