Lynxian in Love by S.C. Principale

Lynxian in Love by S.C. Principale

Before Layla convinced Rupex that Sapien-Three girls were worth a shot… Before a silent Tigerite found his voice while falling in love… There was a mistake.

Cherie knew her patients at the Pleasure Park deserved better treatment—and she’d willingly bent the rules to help a bunch of them land a mysterious job far from polluted Sapien-Three. She just never expected to be going with them! A simple clerical mistake ends with Cherie being jettisoned to a distant planet in the Felix Orbus Galaxy known as Lynx-Nineteen. When she arrives, it rapidly becomes clear that the mistake is far bigger than anyone realized.

Dane can’t handle one more crisis. He’s the sheriff of a mining town on desolate Lynx-Nineteen, where everyone is stretched thin by overwork and grief. The Lynxian is putting on a brave face, but inside, he’s slowly going numb. If one more thing goes wrong, he might just hang up his badge. So, naturally, a capsule full of trafficked humans shows up at an abandoned docking site.

Cherie and Dane form an instant friendship as the kindly citizens of the Lynxian community pitch in to help the humans in their midst find their way home—or find home a new way. While all the women from the Pleasure Park seem happy with this new opportunity, Cherie’s not so sure. Her dreams are back on Sapien-Three.

So why is the handsome sheriff from a different galaxy suddenly seeming like the ultimate dream come true?

Find out about the first human-Felid couples in the Felix Orbus Galaxy in Lynxian in Love, a steamy space-western prequel to the hot alien romance series by S.C. Principale.

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