Lover from the Waves by Tiffany Roberts

Lover from the Waves by Tiffany Roberts

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Series: #7
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A lonely widow. A determined kraken. An attraction they can’t resist.

Long ago, the sea took Kathryn’s husband. She never thought it would give anything back. But now that her children are grown with little ones of their own, she finds her eyes drawn more and more to those restless waters—and she sees part of herself reflected in them. Something out there calls to her.

She yearns to discover what it is.

What she didn’t expect was the attention of a kraken with golden eyes, sculpted muscles, and a heated stare that makes her melt. Ector reawakens a passion in Kathryn she’d thought long gone. When he accompanies her on her journey into the unknown, she can’t help but wonder if what she wanted—and needed—is right in front of her.

The Kraken Series:

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