Little Song of Pain by Clio Evans

Little Song of Pain by Clio Evans

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Series: #6
Tropes: , , , ,
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Creatures of all kinds go to the Barista to find love, including the fiery Phoenix twins known as Icarus and Dalus.

Icarus claims that he wants to find a soulmate for his twin, Dalus— when really he is searching for someone that can take the heat of both of them. Someone who likes to play with fire and will let them kiss the burns.

The Barista introduces the two of them to Melody, a brilliant and sweet human who has known about monsters her entire life and has always wanted to live out her darkest fantasies.

The three of them immediately fall headfirst into a passion that could set the world on fire. Troubles are brewing around them, eager to silence their new song of love. When dark events occur, they find that their new bonds can help them rise from the ashes.

This novella has the following:

  • Hot MONSTER Scenes
  • Size difference….
  • Fire Play
  • Taboo elements
  • Fated Mates Love
  • And more 😉

The Creature Cafe Series follows the Barista and who he matchmakes. Each book will have a different monster finding their true love, tons of spicy scenes, and special *ahem* appendages. Follow Clio Evans on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok to stay up to date on monster-related shenanigans.

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