Jarrn by Ava Ross & Alana Khan

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I’ve fallen for my best friend, but my past might drive him away.

I messed up, and something horrible happened, but I’ve done what I could to make things right. I’ve cared for the ogre injured by my actions, and now Jarrn and I are best friends. This sweet, burly guy is easy to love.

When he’s offered a job on an interstellar cruise ship performing in Monsters in Review, he invites me to go with him.

We didn’t know they’d put us in the same cabin.

The fun we share spending our free time together during the day is far surpassed at night when I drool in the audience as Jarrn thrusts his hips on stage—wearing almost nothing. When we share our tiny bed, it’s all I can do to keep my hands to myself.

Too bad Jarrn only sees me as a friend. I’d rather have that than nothing.

Just when I think he’s developing feelings for me, my past catches up. Will it separate us forever?

Jarrn is a standalone monster romance set in the Monster on Board world written by USA TODAY bestselling authors Alana Khan and Ava Ross. Expect steamy hijinks, humor, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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