Izzy’s Cursed Cabaret by Loretta Kendall

Izzy’s Cursed Cabaret by Loretta Kendall

Hip swaying, spine-tingling, rabble-rousing gal with more glitter than a disco ball–that’s Izzy Brimstone. This blue devil woman will dance right into your undead heart while pulling a few pranks along the way. This steamy, slow burn romance takes you on a monster journey of love, sparkle, and spiced cupcakes.

The sassy blue darling of the Ghouls and Gals Plaza marches to the beat of her own drum. Especially when her succubus spirit lures unsuspecting men backstage for a little soul snatching fun. Izzy may be from the wrong side of the horror world, but she won’t let her dark side stop her from being the best burlesque dancer in Monster City. A runaway from Terror Town, she’s built a new life away from her tyrannical billionaire father. When he demands her return, she’s not going willingly. It will be over her darkened soul before she lets them use her flame for gore and mayhem.

The only thing she has yet to achieve on her journey of self-discovery is love. As a devil gal raised in darkness, she may never get the chance when her father’s shadow creatures haunt her fiery spirit, pulling at the evil within. Tobias has his own secrets behind closed doors that may prove he understands her more than she believess.

When a sexy new bartender comes to town, she digs her claws in deep to make him her new plaything. Remi may look like a X-rayed, tattooed bad boy, but under his radioactive exterior, he’s the man who may turn her life around. Part skeleton, part human, he is on Izzy’s radar and she’s claimed her new plaything with pure monster determination.

When Remi sees the devil gal is misused and misunderstood, he makes it his mission to help her know the nuances of love before her father makes good on his promises to drag her back to the shadows. A runway himself, escaping gamboling debts from monster out for blood, Remi will risk it all for a blue devil woman who wormed her way right into his barley beating heart.

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