Ill-Fated Mate by Jordan Monroe

Ill-Fated Mate by Jordan Monroe

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Series: #3
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A cursed god…

Cursed to remain locked in his mountain hold until his soul’s mate frees him, Zcerneboch, God of Ill Fate, has forsaken all hope of ever finding that soul. After waiting for 2,500 years, he believes he has finally found her. Unfortunately, he can’t convince her their souls are bound without leaving the mountain prison.

A skeptical mortal…

When folklore student Diana Antonov finds her name carved in strange runes on a German mountainside, she has to investigate them. She never dreamed she’d find an eight-foot tall, winged creature with golden eyes declaring that not only is he a god, but she is his eternal soulmate. She should run, but the chance to discover the truth behind the myth is too enticing.

An impossible task…

To break the curse, he must persuade Diana to open her soul to him, but the more he learns about her, the more he finds himself falling under her spell. And this woman deserves so much more than a monster…

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