I Married a Merman by Regine Abel

I Married a Merman by Regine Abel

She belongs to a different world.

Struck by a strange illness that confounds human doctors, Neera turns to alien physicians instead. The prognosis? She’s not what she always believed herself to be—Earth’s atmosphere is slowly killing her. Too broke to afford the insane cost of relocating to a new, more suitable world, Neera turns in desperation to the Prime Mating Agency. The match? A sexy merman, with pink scales, scarlet hair, and a voice that makes her toes curl.

When Echo hears the Agency has finally found a match for him, he’s over the moon. Finding out his mate’s weakened health will require much caring and nurturing during her recovery has his protective instincts surging forward. Despite some initial awkwardness, her courage, resilience, and mischievous personality have him enthralled.

But as Neera evolves into her true self, will this newfound haven become toxic for her as well? Will she be forced to leave behind the blossoming happiness she has found here with Echo?

Prime Mating Agency Series:

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