I Married a Beast by Regine Abel

He is the Beast of her dreams.

Belle prayed for the day she would meet her Beast. As a proud monster lover, she signs up with the Prime Mating Agency for a chance to be paired with an exotic alien. The one she’s matched with exceeds her wildest fantasies. With four eyes to better see her, four arms to better hold her, and a rumbling voice that curls her toes, Bayron is the perfect mix of cinnamon roll personality sprinkled with a hefty dose of grumpy to make her melt.

Bayron wasn’t looking for a mate when a PMA agent convinced him to marry, and with a human at that. He’s still baffled about why he agreed. Compared to a Zamorian female, Belle is delicate, disturbingly eager, and nothing like the submissive female he’d always assumed he wanted. And yet, her boldness, straightforwardness, and eternal enthusiasm stir a possessiveness in him that cannot be denied.

But as events of his past clash with their future, will they be able to overcome their cultural differences, or will adversity tear them apart?

Prime Mating Agency Series:

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