How to Ride a Satyr by Lucee Joie

How to Ride a Satyr by Lucee Joie

Hi, my name’s Mabel and I’m the universe’s worst monster hunter.

I mean, it doesn’t help that I keep falling in love with them…

The third time’s a charm, right?


My third monster is a satyr with a permanent… erm… hankering for me.

He is also a wanted man thanks to his constant public indecency and has a secret he’s unwilling to share. Now we’re stuck on an island with him and, boy, is he DTF!

While willing, this is a problem when I still have the king’s curse to break and work out why Reeve is so desperate to find me first.

How to Ride a Satyr is the third book in the Monster Hunter/Lover series. If you desire a happily ever after with unbelievably hot monsters, a human who doesn’t have to choose, and plenty of steamy scenes, make sure to grab your copy today.

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