How to Marry a Lich by Lizzie Strong

How to Marry a Lich by Lizzie Strong

Fans of The Addams family, Mary Shelley, and eldritch horror will gobble up this deliciously gothic monster romance.

For the last five years, Dahlia Grayskull has sought solace in the shadows of the decrepit, and supposedly abandoned, Rosemont Manor. She’s been hiding from her reputation as the shrew of King’s Fall, her wicked stepfather, and the shadow of something much more deadly.

Unbeknownst to her, Lord Sebastian Rosemont has been watching her traipse through his deadly garden and read books to the graves in his yard. The Lich Lord is very protective over what he considers his, and Dahlia is his now…whether she knows it or not.

When Dahlia’s life and inheritance hang in the balance, she must submit to her mother’s dying wish – marry or lose everything. Who better than a Lich to tame this shrew?

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