His Heartbeat by Kat Baxter

His Heartbeat by Kat Baxter

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Zombies need love too…


I’ve been dead for nearly two decades. Or rather, undead. Being a zombie is not like in the movies; I don’t shuffle, and I absolutely don’t eat brains. I look different than I used to and I feel nothing. No happiness, no sadness, no anger, I am a flatline of emotion. Until her… Vivian Cane. I hunger for her in a way that defies logic. Every moment I spend with her changes me. Every touch, every kiss makes me feel human again. I don’t deserve her, but I’m going to do whatever I can to convince the curvaceous beauty that we belong together.


I’ve been a horror writer for a few years so I know my monsters. Research brings me to the town rumored to be riddled with “real” monsters. I don’t expect anything, but some quiet writing time. What I get is chased by a feral creature and then saved by… a zombie? Atticus Hunt might not look like a normal man, but he’s more humane than any guy I’ve ever known. Being with him makes me feel alive in a way I’ve never felt. But am I ready to risk it all to live in a world I always thought was make believe?

Monster Between the Sheets Series:

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