Her Orc Guardian by Zoe Ashwood

Her Orc Guardian by Zoe Ashwood

At my father’s dying wish, I crossed the realm, looking for his best friend…and ended up in an orc camp.

It turns out the man I’d heard so much about is actually an orc, a warrior with more scars than I can count and a surly disposition.

And after reading the letter my father sent him, he declares himself my guardian – and me his ward.

Which wouldn’t be a problem if he wasn’t intent on marrying me off to some human stranger, even though the tension between us grows with every touch and every heated, forbidden look.

Sometimes, though, a woman has to take her fate and pleasure in her own hands, and after being told what to do my entire life, I’m not taking any more chances. I want to learn more about myself. And I think my orc guardian might be the right male for the job.

Her Orc Guardian is an orc fantasy romance with a large, scarred hero and an innocent heroine who quickly learns she enjoys everything her body is capable of. You’ll love this story if you like reading about size difference issues, age-gap relationships, and grumpy heroes who fall for spirited heroines. This is the second book in a series of standalones – each book can be read separately and features a happily-ever-after for the main couple. All characters in this book are of age and enthusiastically consent to every spicy thing that happens.

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