Her Monstrous Valentines by Honor St. Jean

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I summoned a monster who can only be banished after he makes me feel good. Really good.

All I wanted was some tea after a hard day, but the recipe in my grandmother’s book turned out to be a spell. One minute I’m alone. The next, I’ve summoned a minotaur. The only way to send him back? He has to bring me to a screaming release.

When the family’s protective elf catches wind of all the noise we’re making and comes running, I quickly learn that three is not a crowd.

Unfortunately, I come from a long line of monster hunters and while I refuse to participate in the barbaric hunt, my family still practices it religiously. When they find out about my lovers, I’m forced to choose–find a way to protect them from my family or banish them from the human realm forever.

Her Monstrous Valentines is a fun and sexy MFM monster novella, with light BDSM, dark themes, and a guaranteed HEA.

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