Her Alien Insurgent by Sky Robert

Her Alien Insurgent by Sky Robert

I can’t get him out of my head. Literally, our communicators are fried and he’s the only chance I have off this planet.

When the big, green grumpy alien falls for a trap and the line between our broken communicators goes silent, I may be his only hope of survival. But without him, I may be stuck on Krelis until the day I die since the whole planet is preparing for a war against an outlaw invasion. He may have been some kind of spy for a neighboring planet, and I may have had a bigger mission to solve, but without each other both of our objectives will be lost.


I didn’t get the nickname Sky Bender because I popped out of camouflage to enforce compliance of our treaties. It was because I was around to punish those that acted against the better interests of peace… and though I didn’t fly, I saw everything.

I just didn’t see her… getting in my way.

Having a human exchange come to Krelis at a time like this was bad luck, but she kept getting herself involved and I couldn’t keep my distance. F*ck whatever plans I had, I had no choice but to keep her at my side and out of trouble while I stopped Queen Kai and Commander Li-aq from destroying the hive while Mabel was offworld.


This was all wrong. I was so close to finding the outlaw responsible for ruining so many lives. Next thing I knew I was waking up from stasis on the other side of the known universe of Trillume, and my team was nowhere to be seen. Getting off this planet and back to my mission was priority, until I realized this whole planet was ground zero for the Star Breaker’s nanobugs and could hold the key to finally capturing them. If only a stubborn green alien didn’t think he was some kind of savior and preventing me from continuing my search. First, I had to give him the slip, but no matter what I try he keeps showing up, and the way he looks at me makes me hope he never stops finding me.

Book three of the Treasures of Trillume fated mates alien romances, all standalone steamy adventures filled with political intrigue, angsty love, and a few twists and surprises along the way. Intended for mature readers, these couples do not fade to black, and you’ll be devouring the pages towards each HEAFN. Though all of the romances are standalone, it is recommended you read book two, Her Alien Prince, to enjoy this one more, as this one does contain some spoilers for that book. Though knowing the “ending” doesn’t always spoil the journey, so it’s okay if you read this one first.

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