Heart of a Minotaur by Cara Wylde

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Series: #4
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Being a technician on the Belua Space Station is a dream job! I get to be a part of something extraordinary, and also top secret. But when I find out that building spaceships isn’t the only purpose of the ring station, things change.

When the Director makes contact with an alien ship and his men capture it, we get our hands on the aliens’ most prized possession – a star portal. Now I’m tasked with pulling it apart and figuring out how it works. But I can’t do it alone. I need answers from the ship’s Captain.

Travak Khator. He looks like a minotaur from the Greek myths, but of course, he doesn’t identify as one. He and his crew have been imprisoned, tortured, and experimented on. The moment I meet him, I know… The star portal doesn’t matter. What we’re doing on the station doesn’t matter. All that matters is to help this hot-as-sin alien escape, and hope he takes me with him.

Monster Hearts Series:

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