Heart of a Gargoyle by Cara Wylde

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Series: #5
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There are two things that define me: my career in science, and my status as a single woman. When people meet Dr. Lola Reyes, they immediately know I’m only interested in the hard facts. But after working for the International Monster Research Association for two years, I’m starting to lose faith in what I do. Yes, I want to continue studying aliens. No, I don’t want to do it in the inhumane manner IMRA seems to do everything.

I’m about to quit when I’m assigned to Project Gargoyle. I give in and accept to at least see the subject first.

The alien specimen is tall, dark, with horns, wings, and a tail. He is Project Gargoyle because his skin is like hard, unbreakable stone. I look into his eyes, and I know I can’t leave now. He intrigues me. He says he’s a prince from planet Petera, on the run from his brother’s assassins. He also says I’m his fated mate, and if I escape with him, he can take back the throne.

Indeed, he intrigues me.

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