Guarded by the Spider by Cassie Alexander

Guarded by the Spider by Cassie Alexander

For my kind, to be without a mate is to be doomed. I know it is too late–all that awaits me is retirement and death, and I’ve embraced it.

But when a suicide mission lands on my old boss’s desk, I’m the one he calls. Who better to tackle the mission in the deep, oppressive mines of my own ancestral homeland, if not an Arachnae already slated to die? And it’s not a rescue mission–he wants me to retrieve the corpse of a billionaire’s daughter kidnapped by a terrorist organization.

Except our intel was wrong.

She’s alive. Tortured and injured–but alive.

And from the moment I scent her, I am certain she’s my mate.

She cowers in fear when she sees me, yet I will stop at nothing to protect her.

And now that I have a reason to live…a whole lot of people are going to die.

Monster Security Agency is the most elite bodyguard service in the world. These monster bodyguards are lethal, powerful, and determined to protect their clients at all costs. They shouldn’t fall in love with their principals, but if they do? Things are bound to explode.

Here come spicy, romantic, and action-packed tales by your favorite paranormal and sci-fi romance authors: Cassie Alexander, Layla Fae, and Cara Wylde. Dive into the world of the Monster Security Agency.

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