Feed by Aveda Vice

Feed by Aveda Vice

This monster wants to get under more than just her skin…

Avirin has a dirty little secret.

She hates her fae coworker – but that’s no surprise. Not when Pye’s tattoos and easy-going attitude clash with her pencil skirts and rigid expectations. Those strict rules help her maintain a corporate appearance so no one catches onto the truth of what she is…

A succubus, secretly scheduling the feedings she needs to survive. Imagine her shock to find Pye on her doorstep offering their services.

Avirin should refuse, but the need to feed is growing stronger…and once she gets a taste of him, she’s not sure her hunger will be sated by anything less than his body against hers.

Feed is a novelette in the Fangs With Benefits universe. For Pye and Avirin’s full-length story, read Yours, Insatiably.

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