Faun Over Me by B.L. Brown

Faun Over Me by B.L. Brown

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Welcome to Camp Cryptid

As the new Assistant Director of Elkwater Music Camp, Avery Payne has sixteen weeks between her and her Carnegie Mellon dream. Sixteen weeks working at the only human-inhuman band camp in the nation. Just enough time to have her world turned upside down by a curly-haired faun.

Cricket is ready to fight for her woodland home against the Georgia Men who would buy it out from under her. In search of her cousin—the only faun to have integrated with the broader human world—Cricket finds herself stranded at Elkwater Music Camp. The roads are closed, her cousin is gone, and the red-headed Assistant Director can’t seem to leave her alone.

When a mysterious and violent monster threatens the camp, Cricket and Avery band together, discovering the truth behind the land grabs in Green Bank and their undeniable attraction to each other.

Faun Over Me is book one in the Camp Cryptid series. Each book will take place in and around Elkwater Music Camp and feature different relationships among the staff of the camp and the surrounding hills.

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