Fated Maids and the Royal Slug by Etta Green

Fated Maids and the Royal Slug by Etta Green

A delectable story you’ll want to drink in!

Amari would never dream of putting on a maid dress to serve a slug-shifting royal, no matter how handsome he may be. Yet, after being taken to a fantastic underwater kingdom, that’s just what she’s been ordered to do—and she wants out!

To her horror, she’s not alone. There are four other maids attending to the eccentric Prince: soft-voiced Thora, sensual Sprig, bookish Zella, and energetic Gleeb, all of them gorgeous in their own otherworldly ways.

The longer Amari searches for ways to return to earth, the more curious she grows, both about the world around her and the enchanting alien maids she mingles with each day. Is there room in her heart to forgive all of them—even the Prince?

This book is a five pepper why choose romance and may contain topics that readers find upsetting. All warnings are available at the link in the opening foreword. (If your Kindle automatically opens to chapter one, swipe backwards to reach the link)

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