Fallen by Stacy Jones

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Series: #5
Genre: ,
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Xerik has been stranded on this primitive alien planet for five rotations—long enough to lose hope of ever returning home and to accept that his life will be a solitary one.

And then a scream splits the air.

He hadn’t planned for his morning to include prying an off-world female from the jaws of a volek. Neither did he plan for her to awaken instincts one of his caste isn’t supposed to have.

She’s tiny, bubbly, wingless… and smells like his.

Unfortunately, she’s as fragile as spun cachi and has the survival instincts of a srret.


Getting abducted by aliens isn’t as bad as it’s cracked up to be. When Veronika awakens on a primitive planet, she’s just happy to be free and not the slave of a blob creature. Or worse.

And then she gets attacked by giant saber-tooth monsters.

Running for her life puts a real damper on her enthusiasm, but thankfully, seconds before being eaten alive, she’s rescued by a knight in shining… skin?

He’s huge, grumpy, winged… and kinda cute.

Unfortunately, he’s also her captor.

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