Extra Virgin Gargoyle by Honey Phillips

When Angie unexpectedly inherits a bookstore from her grandmother, she is determined to make it a success. Unfortunately, the somewhat unusual inhabitants of Screaming Woods don’t take kindly to outsiders, and her dream is in danger of failing.

In a desperate attempt to make ends meet, she accepts a part-time job cataloging the library of the vast Gothic mansion on the edge of town. But the brooding gargoyle owner turns out to be even more fascinating than his collection.

After the unfortunate incident that turned Alastair into his present form, he retreated into his inherited mansion. He has his books and his studies, and he tells himself that he doesn’t long for anything more.

An unexpected encounter with the cheerful, curvy bookstore owner reminds him of everything he is missing. Even though he knows there’s no future for the two of them, he can’t resist the urge to have her close to him. After all, what does a monster like him have to offer her?

A sweet and spicy tale of a librarian and her beast!

Monster Between the Sheets Series:

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