Enticing the Bogeyman by Rianne Burnett

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With her mother’s health failing, Dianne finds herself back in her old neighbourhood, Emory Falls. While some things have changed, a lot has stayed the same – like the bogeyman in her closet. It’s been a long time since she’s wondered about that monster but it doesn’t stop her from trying to lure him out. She doesn’t think that she’ll be right.

Once the monster is out, though, the unexpected happens. The monster from the shadows is ready to give in to temptation and claim her as his. But Dianne doesn’t know if she can juggle her job, her mother’s worsening condition, and the new desires the bogeyman inspires. Fortunately, she just might get all her answers when she gives in.

This book deals with themes of mental health, Alzheimer’s disease, mild violence, some mention of grief, and unwanted attention.

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