Embers’ Origin by Aria Vale & Alana Khan

Embers’ Origin by Aria Vale & Alana Khan

The arrival of five thousand Others onto the blazing sands of the Mojave Desert could signal the end of life on Earth as we know it.

When I agreed to consult with the military on a top-secret project, I never dreamed my job would take me out of the lecture hall and into a world filled with orcs, nagas, and minotaurs.

Ashok, the mysterious orc warrior blessed with the power to unravel languages at a touch, is the key to discovering why they’re here and if they plan to harm us.

Though shocking, the liberties he takes with my body aren’t too high a price to pay to protect the lives of everyone on Earth. Except how can I pretend this is a sacrifice when I can’t wait for his next “download”?

The power of my magic is rivaled only by the intensity of Clair’s gentle touch. I’m drawn to her in a way I’ve never felt before until I discover she’s hiding plans to destroy my people.

Although we may be enemies by day, by night she warms my bed and makes me forget everything but her.

Prepare to be captivated by this spellbinding tale of forbidden love, high-stakes magic, and the delicate balancing act between desire and destiny.

Written by USA TODAY Bestselling authors Aria Vale and Alana Khan, Embers Origin has sweeping romance, explicit spice, and a happy ever after.

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