Embers of Healing by Aria Vale & Alana Khan

Injured in body and soul while protecting innocents from attack, the once-proud orc firefighter has withdrawn into bitter solitude. Will Sarah’s desperate request for help be the key to unlock the damaged male hiding under his brooding green skin?

The state’s threat to condemn the house I inherited has left me racing against a looming deadline. In my desperation, I turn to an unlikely ally—the injured orc, Thornn, whose scars run as deep as his silence. I didn’t have time to find anyone else to help, yet I doubt my decision the moment Thornn reluctantly agrees to provide muscle for the job.

I never imagined those bare, glistening muscles would be so enticing I’d yearn to lick them. Nor did I expect to discover the tender warrior spirit he hides under his wounded exterior.

I’m broken. Ruined. To not inflict myself on my friends, I accept Sarah’s job offer. I’m like a raw nerve—even her unfailing kindness pricks at me. I don’t know whether to go for a long run to clear my head or pull her into my arms and kiss her senseless.

Except I can’t keep my gaze off her as we work together, and I fist myself to sleep with images of her dancing in my mind.

Though I’m completely wrong for her, she’s the perfect woman for me.

Thrill to Embers of Healing, by Alana Khan, USA TODAY Bestselling author. Explore this scorching saga of forbidden love, where sparks fly and barriers shatter between two people bound by destiny.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this sizzling romance, just a powerful orc who loves his very good girl. Guaranteed love and eternal happiness await.

For readers 18+ ready to ignite their passion.

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