Embers’ Melody by Aria Vale & Alana Khan

Embers’ Melody by Aria Vale & Alana Khan

The very day Emma swears off impulsive choices in love, she encounters Kam, an orc firefighter who sets her world ablaze.

After my dirtbag ex left me with a maxed-out credit card and an empty fridge, I swore off bad boys. Yet, when brooding Kam enters my life with his otherworldly tattoos and an air of danger, I can’t seem to hold myself back. How can someone so wrong feel so irresistibly right?

Trapped in a fenced slum built to contain Others like me, my anger toward a world that despises me has always burned fiercely. Only Emma sees past the beast within me and embraces who I truly am. Can I heal my old wounds and express my passion for this precious female? One thing is clear—I would give my life to protect her.

Indulge in this sizzling tale of forbidden love, as USA TODAY Bestselling authors Aria Vale and Alana Khan take you on a thrilling journey as Emma and Kam are trapped together as they try to bridge the gap between their worlds.

No cheating or cliffhangers in this steamy romance where a big, green orc loves to tell his female what a very good girl she is. Guaranteed love and everlasting happiness.

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