Demon Dreams by Lara Roth

Demon Dreams by Lara Roth

A monster secret, a forbidden romance and a stormy night that changes everything


Ditching my city job to follow my dream as an artist was the plan I’d been looking forward to. Until the storm. With no car and no way home, I’m all alone in the wilderness.

And then, Drake. Tall, brooding, and sinfully sexy, he isn’t just my long-term crush, he’s my brother’s best friend and my new knight in drenched denim.

Sharing the night in an eerie farmhouse means a single bed together. Sharing the night means we’re closer than ever. Sharing the night together means secrets find a way to reveal themselves.

Drake isn’t just my brother’s best friend. He’s a demon banished here from another realm.

And he tells me I’m his fated mate.

This is a cozy, sweet but spicy paranormal romance novella aimed at mature audiences

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