Dad Bod: Minotaur Labyrinth by Alana Khan

Dad Bod: Minotaur Labyrinth by Alana Khan

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Stephanie and Alfie’s steamy attraction could make an icicle spontaneously combust. As the heat rises, will Alfie’s rock-star lifestyle extinguish the fire or ignite an inferno?

Between his horns, hooves, and the otherworldly music he creates, Alfie’s the hottest male on the planet. Now that we’re an item, I tour with him and his band Labyrinth, watching while he performs across the globe.

He doesn’t give another look to the groupies who throw themselves (and their panties) at him. But I wonder if this is too good to last. Because he’s got a reputation. One I fear will break my heart.

As a minotaur, I grew up isolated and lonely in a world of humans, getting the affection I craved in meaningless one-night stands.

I haven’t been upfront and honest with Steph from the start, and now she’s terrified she’s just another in a long string of women. I don’t blame her. I earned my rep, but regret it now. She’s everything to me.

What we’ve got is perfect—as long as my bad-boy reputation doesn’t tear us apart. I wrote a song I’ll dedicate to her on stage. Will she give me another chance?

Written by USA TODAY Bestselling author, Alana Khan, this is a standalone romance told in dual point of view, set in the Dad Bod Monster world. This series can be read in any order. Expect a cinnamon-roll hero who falls hard and fast, size difference, forbidden love, rock star, workplace romance.

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