Crushing on Cupid by Naomi Piper

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Serena is in the business of love. As a cupid, it’s her job to unite soulmates. Serena adores humans, but the loneliest part of being a love fairy is that she’s invisible to them.

One of her assignments, a gritty, attractive welder named Charlie, changes everything. Charlie can see her.

After the death of her brother a few years earlier, Charlie’s momentum and ambition crashed to a halt. When she meets a beautiful, pink-haired woman in a bar bathroom, the world around her stops, too.

Will Serena do her job and unite Charlie with her soulmate, or has she already grown too attached to give her up?

Grab a copy of this short and spicy sapphic love story about a human and her monster girlfriend from bestselling paranormal romance author, Naomi Piper. Great for a personal read or a gift for Valentine’s Day!


  • adult scenes
  • car wreck imagery
  • death/grief mentions
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