Coldest Claws by Riley Onyx

Coldest Claws by Riley Onyx

I’ve always known the truth about monsters, so I’m not surprised when they come for me and drag me Under.

When I surface in their brutal world, I have only one goal at first and that is to survive. And to survive, I’ll need to find a sliver of compassion inside one of these twisted monstrous beings and convince him to become my protector. The only thing I have to offer is myself.

All I can do is surrender and hope that he doesn’t devour me.

But when we are attacked, it is clear I will need more than one protector if I am to survive and escape.

Delve into the dangerous monster filled world of Under in this rough and steamy mfmm dark monster romance.

This steamy book has big heroes with horns and tails and claws, and a heroine who refuses choose between them. Each book in the trilogy will add new monsters to protect her on her quest.

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