Clawed by R St. C

Clawed by R St. C

Stella Winslow is having one of those days in one of those lives. The only thing going right for her is her job teaching cultural sensitivity, but after being rammed in the ankles by shopping carts and having to fight her way into line at the grocery store, her mouth starts spewing the stupidest things.

Leo Antares, king of the Leonids, believes he’s found a solution to his Kind’s problem of procreation. Stella arouses him in all sorts of ways. All he needs is her agreement to let him touch her and he can breed her- he hopes. And when she says yes, he wastes no time taking her to his home where the twenty other Leonids of his pride reside, all of them aching for a female.

In this Reverse Harem, Alpha/Omega Romance, Stella finds a new family and a place in the world. She finds the love she’s always needed and becomes a savior to an entire Kind.

Trigger Warnings: dubious consent, highly erotic situations, bondage, S&M, multiple partner

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