Chosen by Stacy Jones

Chosen by Stacy Jones

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One minute Lily is trying, and failing, to run her grandmother’s farm—her last remaining connection to her family. The next, she wakes to find herself in a cold, sterile cage surrounded by monsters, with no memory of how she got there. Accidentally abducted by alien poachers, unsure if she will live or die, she is dreading the worst. What she doesn’t expect is for her captors to dump her on an alien planet to fend for herself. Now, she must fight to survive the planet… or die trying.

Frrar, Tor, and Arruk have been searching endlessly for a mate to belong to, someone to finally accept them, but they are losing hope. The time of cleansing, when the great waters drown the land, draws near. They are on the verge of abandoning their search and fleeing the forest when they spot a strange, tiny, two-armed female. They are immediately drawn to her, fascinated by her differences, but they must act fast to save her life, and their own, from the coming flood.

Thousands of copies sold internationally. Millions of pages read. 2800+ reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Chosen is the first book in the award-winning Chosen Series. This New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy RH is packed full of romance, drool-worthy heroes, adventure, and an extraordinary world.

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  1. Tracy

    Can you guys post more books available on Barnes and Noble Nook? Sorry but I hate Amazon and will not buy from them and there are so many books there I would love to read but Amazon actually helped someone steal my credit card in the past and when I had to deal with the police hindered the police instead of helping and supported the criminal so yeah I HATE Amazon. I actively use Barnes and Noble and would love it if you guys put more books on Barnes and Noble.

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment! We added a store availability search feature to the site based on your feedback, so now you can select your preferred store in the sidebar on the books page and browse books that are available in that store. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many monster romance books outside of Amazon, but we’ll try to pay more attention to availability going forward and add more books that are available elsewhere!

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