Cherishing My Chuchunya by Marilyn Barr


Three years ago, I found the love of my life, my soulmate, my dushevnayasvyaz, and I let him go. Fate brings us together time and again, shredding my heart. I’m tired of denying myself a happily ever after for the sake of my dying Chuchunya clan. Why must I suffer a loveless mating at every chase only to have the male despise me for not committing to him? Why can’t my future be filled with human/Chuchunya hybrids surrounded by love?


When I was injured and alone, a merciful angel—with furry arms, not wings—rescued me from freezing to death. Because I’m not a snow monster, I tried to do the right thing and live half a life without her. I’m an anthropologist and understand the need to preserve a culture in danger of extinction…but I can’t help how I feel. Mobsters, scientists, and the leaders of her clan fight to keep us apart, but they are no match for a dushevnayasvyaz. Even if it takes my life, we will have a chance to be together…so I can make her dream of creating a family come true.

Their forbidden love story depends on whether or not the clan is ready to believe in a dushevnayasvyaz without the biological symptoms. Sure, a female can be captivated by the throes of dushevnayasvyaz …but can a human male? The spring thaw promises to bring the clan’s greatest joy in a new kit and their greatest fear, a jealous Dr. Barbahall with nothing to lose. Will risking his life be enough to keep his family safe?

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