Captured by the Fae Beast by Mallory Dunlin

Captured by the Fae Beast by Mallory Dunlin

I never intended to become a princess. Or make a deal with a monster.

Lost in the wilderness, I thought the handsome stranger was my salvation—until I looked into the eyes of a beast. They say not to bargain with the fae, but there was no other choice.

The deadly prince of Stag Court claims I belong to him. I only have a year and a day to convince him to let me go before I’m his forever.

He’s without mercy, known as a ruthless killer. Yet he protects me. Defends me. Tells me his secrets. In front of the Court, he’s the Beast, but behind closed doors he gives me the chance to choose him, or not.

The fae Court is a dangerous place, and the prince isn’t the only terror lurking in the shadows. But I’m stronger than his enemies give me credit for. Together, he and I might be each other’s salvation… or ruin.

Captured by the Fae Beast is a complete story loosely inspired by the story of Hades and Persephone, with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. This enemies-to-lovers slow burn romance features a possessive male lead and the sunshine mortal who can tame him.

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