By the Horns by Audrey Beck

By the Horns by Audrey Beck

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A woman on a quest, an island shrouded in secrets, a fierce Minotaur, and a labyrinth where fates intertwine….

The small Greek island of Kryphos is hiding something miraculous. Since there’s a chance it holds a medical marvel, I have no choice but to dig deeper. The locals insist I stick to the tourist path, but I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.
What I find in the labyrinth is more astonishing than any legend.
And then I realize: I’m not alone.

It’s been many years since the maze called to me. Now, a disturbance reverberates through its walls.
Two outsiders have entered. One tempts me with a curiosity I haven’t felt in ages, while the other confronts me with a ferocity that challenges my purpose. My sole duty is clear: protect the island’s treasure at all costs.
I am the labyrinth’s keeper—its defense is my destiny.

By the Horns is a fast-paced standalone monster instalove romance where the ancient and modern worlds collide. It features plenty of action, a bit of spice, and a sweet HEA.

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