Boundless by Miranda Sapphire

Boundless by Miranda Sapphire

Daega d’Gayeh is the oldest daughter of the leaders of the Istarii Drakan horde. All her life, she’s trained for war, but in the end, her fate is peace. She’s to marry the crown prince of her people’s longtime enemy, which will cement the treaty that finally ends the bloody war that’s plagued their land for generations.

Lenlethael Felthenethor is a horrible disappointment, but as the only son of the Elf King Haedelon, it is his duty to marry the barbarian princess. There’s no fate worse than being shackled to one of the huge, monstrous brutes his people have been fighting for decades. But when he meets his bride he begins to realize that the reality of the Istarii Drakan people is very different from the tales he’s been told about them.

It’s not long before Daega and Len are thick as thieves, determined to see their marriage work and lift their people out of the mire of war. But there’s someone out there who wants them to fail, and they’ll need to be careful and clever to keep the peace…and their lives.

THE FULL CONTENT WARNINGS AND TROPES LISTS FOR THE BOOK CONTAIN SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS! Thus, I’ve decided to divide the lists into spoiler-lite and spoiler-max versions. If you have strong triggers, I urge you to read both lists!

Content Warnings: MMC with chronic but nonlethal cardiac illness, emotionally abusive parent, ableism, misogyny, MC with a parent who died during their childhood, anxiety depicted on page, gaslighting and manipulation, violent combat that results in injury and death, temporary disablement, mention of war and wartime propaganda, xenophobia, a homophobic and transphobic monotheistic society, economic disparity, foul language, graphic depictions of consensual sex.

Tropes: marriage of convenience/political marriage, MF romance, hurt/comfort, introvert x extrovert, fun with gender roles, pegging, found family, friends-to-lovers, hurt/comfort, female monster, size difference, murderously protective love interest, squishy cinnamon rolls, gentle femdom x dainty subby man, light bondage, spanking, edging, HEA.


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Content Warnings: patricide (child kills father—but I promise he has it coming!), MMC drugged and kidnapped, bodily harm through torture that happens to a side character (torture is off-page), a poisoning attempt which affects a side character (non-lethal), body modification that results in a cis male character growing breasts (for nursing a child exclusively), pregnancy, discussion of family planning options that include termination.

Tropes: surprise pregnancy.

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