Bound to the Orc Ranger by Krista Luna

Bound to the Orc Ranger by Krista Luna

A desperate wish whisks me away to Faerie, where I have magic! And a “married at first sight” orc husband.

Stuck in a dead-end job, I make a wish. In a blink, I’m teetering on top of a standing stone in Faerie, where I have magical powers!

And monsters fighting over me!

Thank god, the orc wins. A fierce and deadly warrior, Rovann’s nothing but gentle with me.

I’m stunned when he claims me as his moon bound bride, saying we’re already magically matched and married. I never imagined being wed to a stranger, even one that makes my heart flutter. When I tell him humans don’t work like that, Rovann vows to woo me.

No matter what it takes.

Bound to the Orc Ranger is a steamy monster fantasy romance novella with a full HEA. It features a daring orc warrior who falls hard and a heroine ready to realize her dreams. Welcome to the Moon Blade Clan, where heart-melting romance, toe-curling steam, magic, and adventure combine into stories you’ll devour.

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