Bound by the Alien Pirate by Alana Khan

Bound by the Alien Pirate by Alana Khan

What happens when a cynical pirate plucks Izzy out of the jaws of danger, flies her to his cave, and vows to keep her prisoner?


One moment I was touring the Supercollider, the top thing on my bucket list, the next I’m falling into a marsh on a prehistoric planet. The most handsome male I’ve ever seen, complete with lush, luminescent wings, flies in. Although I thought he was rescuing me, he takes me to his cave and ties me up.

It’s a good thing I’m resourceful. Within minutes I’ve rigged a device that stuns him into submission. When he wakes up from the jolt of my makeshift zapper, he vows to take revenge, though I imagine he’ll soften in time.

For a woman who thought relationships were a waste of time, how come I’m more drawn to Xandor with every passing day?


How does this beautiful female find new ways to save our lives every single day? Her sharp tongue, instead of cutting my ego to shreds, makes me want to drag her to my bed and make her mine.

I’m a rogue, not a guardian angel. Why has protecting Izzy become the most important thing in my life? Perhaps it’s because this brilliant human is my perfect match.

Join Izzy and Xandor as they defy the bounds of time and space to find love on a hostile planet. Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Alana Khan as part of the Alien Caveman series.

Alien Cavemen: Close encounters of the sexy kind.

What happens when a group of unsuspecting women are dragged back through time and come face-to-chest with a band of stranded alien convicts?

Find out when your favorite authors take you on an untamed Prehistoric adventure in these timeless love stories with possessive aliens claiming their feisty Earth women as their fated mates.

My Alien Caveman – crash-landing on a Kindle near you in January 2024!

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