Bound by Aveda Vice

Bound by Aveda Vice

Her pack is destroyed. Her Alpha is dead.

All that Pheir has left is rage. And the Conclave doesn’t trust she won’t seek revenge…for good reason. There’s only one way to bind Pheir’s loyalty: a forced marriage to the Alpha of an enemy pack. And who better to drag Pheir away than said pack’s highest-ranking officers?

The only problem is, Pheir’s escorts would rather kill her than transport her. Caius still has scars from Pheir’s talons, and Aren can only keep his composure for so long.

But the leftover energy from battle runs hot between all three of them. And if Pheir can use that distracting desire to make her escape…how deep is the line between lust and hate, anyway?

Bound is a 13k-word novelette in the Fangs With Benefits universe. It ends on a cliffhanger and serves as a prequel to three standalones.

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