Betrothed to the Yeti by Marilyn Barr

Betrothed to the Yeti by Marilyn Barr

Will Jaya’s bitterness unleash the darkness in Pabu’s soul, or will their love save the village of corrupted Alpha from self-destruction?

Jaya, human colonist on Enceladus, Moon of Saturn, 2700 AD

As the third daughter of a beggar, my prospects at the Alpha’s betrothal ceremony range from horrific to nightmarish. Sometimes I wonder if I should have taken matters into my own hands…like my eldest sister, Nima. Her fate rests in her baby bump. Where I sleep tonight depends on the mercy of the Seer, and what the colony Leaders voted to do with me. Will I be chained in the brothel or somewhere more terrifying? Do I dare wish for a life far away from Alpha?

Pabu, Enceladus Yeti deemed the Protector of Humans

After generations of loneliness, I summoned the courage to request a companion in the villages’ tithes. I yearn for the relationship I had with the first Earthlings to land on this snowy wasteland, the ones who taught me the language and ways of humans. Jaya is an ill-tempered shell of those jovial humans. She says she’s my bride, but will my darkness take her claim as an invitation to consume her? How long can I hide my baser instincts when my fondness for her grows by the day and her angry suit of armor melts faster than snow…

Monstrous grooms and beastly brides? Don’t be afraid of falling in love… it’s super-natural! Explore the entire Monster Brides series, one tantalizing happily-ever-after at a time!

Betrothed to the Yeti is a standalone, alien romance on the snowy moon of Enceladus. As a fairytale retelling, this story contains consensual spicy scenes between a yeti monster and a human space colonist. However, this damsel in distress plots revenge against the village that snubbed her.

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