Aria’s Desire by Stacy Jones

Aria’s Desire by Stacy Jones

An invitation to a hidden alien Queendom. Forced proximity with two males she can’t resist. Assassination attempts. Secrets exposed. And an alliance that could change the world.

Aria Taylor’s hands are full leading a slave uprising, taking over an alien planet, and loving her two incredible mates.

So, why, no matter how hard she tries or how ardently she avoids them, can’t she crush this yearning for Rellik, a beautiful devil with a mischievous smile, and Sin, an untamed dragon shifter who watches her with predatory eyes?

When an emissary from one of the hidden Queendoms shows up at the complex with the promise of an alliance, it’s too good an opportunity to pass. But when Tirox and Kix suggest Rellik and Sin pose as her mates while they scope out the castle in secret, Aria’s tactic of avoiding the dangerously tempting males is about to be thrown out the window.

Amid palace intrigue, assassination attempts, inescapable sexual tension, and shocking revelations from her mates, buried feelings are about to come to light.

Can Aria grab the chance for a happily ever after? Or will everything come crumbling down around her?

Either way, this is about to be one hell of a trip…

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