Aria’s Awakening by Stacy Jones

Aria’s Awakening by Stacy Jones

An alien gladiator arena isn’t the place to fall in love…

FBI Special Agent Aria Taylor thought she was just having strange dreams… until she wakes up on an alien slave planet to find they were all too real.

Trapped in the middle of a gladiator tournament, she must fight to survive. Her only goals are to stay ahead of the bloodthirsty monsters on her heels and find a way back to Earth.

Except the other combatants aren’t the only ones hunting her…

A massive red demon and a striking male who glows with blue fire are stalking her with hunger in their eyes. They’re deadly and dangerous, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. So why does the thought of letting them catch her make her heart race with anticipation instead of fear?

And when they do?

An alien gladiator isn’t the place to fall in love, but Aria isn’t sure she’s going to be able to help herself.

Can they survive long enough to explore this irresistible bond between them, or will they lose more than just their hearts in the fight for freedom?

Aria’s Awakening is a full-length SFR novel that kicks off a brand new series set in the same universe as the Chosen Series by Stacy Jones.

Aria’s Awakening and Aria’s Ascension were previously published as one book, Taken. If you have already enjoyed Taken, please DO NOT purchase Aria’s Awakening or Aria’s Ascension.

Instead, read Victoria’s Discovery (Taken Series #3) to continue the series where Taken left off.

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