Aquaculture Affair by Delaney Rain

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Can a virgin and his dad’s best friend find a way to be together forever with their mersquid fated mate?

Larkin isn’t sure if he’s got his life together or not, but he knows his love life is completely stalled out. He’s never going to get up the courage to tell Dean, his father’s best friend, how he feels about him. Namely that Larkin has been in love with Dean from the moment he figured out he was gay. But can he really risk everyone’s friendships by confessing how he feels?

Dean suspected that his best friend’s only son might have a crush on him. When he walks into his bedroom and finds Larkin on the bed and having a grand time with some of Dean’s dirty laundry, Dean can’t avoid the facts. Or can he? Their fishing trip is interrupted when hauling abandoned fishing lines onto Dean’s boat brings a blue, tentacled person in need of help onto the deck. Now Dean and Larkin are tangled together as they secretly aid an ocean-dwelling alien’s recovery.

Mo is the youngest child of a human and cecaelia, one of the first hybrids, who thought they were going to die in that mess of fishing lines and nets. But then they found themselves nose to toes with their fated mates, two human men who are clearly in love with each other. Mo’s determined to help their mates see that the three of them are perfect together, especially while they’re all confined inside an aquaculture farm. But as Mo heals, they have to figure out how to keep their mates without exposing the secret of their existence to an entire company of humans.

This novella has an age gap, m/m/m, and dad’s best friend story with two virgins and a guy in his forties who thought he was the grownup, some internal angst because somebody’s an alien, kinks for man-smell and gripping tentacles, hiding out in an aquaculture farm to raise snails, and a HEA ending that includes cameos from Book 1 characters.

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